Welcome to my site!

My name is Martin J Richards and this site has been set up in support of my taking a Master of Arts Degree with the University of Falmouth.

This site is used as a means to an end as part of the course.

The aim of this project is to produce a photographic record of the various form WWII PoW Camps within the UK as they are now. A couple of camps are intact, some are now plowed fields and others have been built over. Who knows what i will find and discover as part of this project

As part of my course and own general interest I am undertaking a major project with a working title of called “Banged Up Abroad”.

In the final published form the project and MA Course has been published as a website and a Photographic Exhibition.

In its final published form that Website and Exhibition has been titled A Repatriated Landscape – this is to distinguish between the draft and work in progress material and that actually published.

Remains of former Prisoner Of War (POW) camp at Billesdon in Leicestershire. The Camp Buildings have gone but the fences remain
PoW Camp 94

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